Sample Invitation Letter_Visitor Visa – ตัวอย่างจดหมายเชิญ ญาติ เพื่อน มาเที่ยวที่อเมริกา

Sample Letter


June 24, 2012


Embassy of the United Statesof America

[ Address of Embassy]



To Whom It May Concern:


My name is [person inviting]  alawful permanent resident alien residing at [Address of inviting].


We humbly request the approval of my [relation tothe person your inviting] [ (name ofperson your inviting) ] tourist (B-2) visa in order to allow him tovisit me in the United States.  [ name ofperson your inviting ] is a law abiding citizen of [country person your inviting is residing ] withstrong business and personal ties there.


Upon successful approval of his visa [ name ofperson your inviting ] plans to spend [lengthof stay] in [State person will bestaying], where I will be responsible for all his accommodations andexpenses during his vacation in the United States.  At the end of his [lengthof stay] vacation he will return home to [country/townperson your inviting is residing ] .


[ name of person your inviting ] will bepresenting this letter to you, together with other evidence of his ties with [country person your inviting is residing ] withan assurance that he will return prior to the expiration of his stay in theUnited States.


Your kind consideration to this request will be greatly appreciated.


Yours Truly,

[person inviting]

[Address of person Inviting] 

[Phone no ofperson inviting]





ตัวอย่างจากน้องหนุ่มน้าเด้ง Toodmame Tood


June 27th,2013


U.S.Consulate Bangkok, Thailand


To Whom ItMay Concern:


My name is (ใส่ชื่อนามสกุลเรา). I ama Legal Green Card Holder of the United State and I reside at (ใส่ที่อยู่เต็มเรา). I am submitting this letter toaffirm that I have invited my mother Miss (ใส่ชื่อนามสกุลแม่), a citizen of Thailand, to visit usfor a period of (กี่วัน กี่เดือน). Miss (ชื่อนามสกุลแม่)has never been tothe United States and we would like her to visit me in (ใส่ชื่อรัฐที่เราอยู่).Miss (ชื่อนามสกุลแม่), plan to travel to The United Stateon ( วันเดือนปีที่จะมาถึงอเมริกา) and will return back to Thailandwithin (มาอยู่กี่วันกี่เดือน).


During hervisit we plan to take short trips, traveling around (รัฐที่เราอยู่), visiting most of the majorattractions. While Miss (ชื่อนามสกุลแม่) , is in the United States, she willstay with me at our home at the address provided above We will be responsiblefor housing and food including round trip airfare from Bangkok to the USA and anypersonal expenses she may incur while in the United States.


At theconclusion of her visit, I will see that my mother Miss (ชื่อนามสกุลแม่) returns safely to her home inThailand. Miss (ชื่อนามสกุลแม่) , will be presenting this letter toyou, along with evidence to establish her close ties to Thailand, and to assureyou that she will return prior to the expiration of her VISA in the UnitedStates.


Your kindconsideration to this request is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, ชื่อนามสกุลเรา ที่อยู่เต็มเราพร้อมเบอร์โทร











(Work):[(xxx) xxx-xxxx]

(Home):[(xxx) xxx-xxxx]

Email:[email address]









Iinvite you to visit us and spend your vacation in USA with us. We have plan tovisit famous tourist places like [name of tourist places to visit]. It willalso be an opportunity for you to see and experience the American culture andlifestyle.


Iwill be taking care of your entire USA tour expenses, including the round tripair fare food, housing, medical insurance and all your other personal expenses.


HerewithI’m sending all the required documents for getting the necessary tourist visafrom the US Consulate, [Name of US Consulate, e.g. Mumbai Consulate]











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